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2011/2012 Jetta TDI Build

Hi everyone,

Dad just bought a 2011 Jetta TDI, I'm going to be getting a 2012 Jetta TDI and I'm hoping to squeeze out a little more MPG than before. My goals are to keep a stock/sportier looking car (so looks are a big deal), but not exactly concerned about high performance (still want to do normal highway driving at 3 over, which isn't exactly MPG friendly and be able to speed up easily to 80 to pass if needed). Below are my plans, not all happening at once, but hopefully eventually.

2011/2012 Jetta TDI build
  • I am considering installing video cameras (if legal in my area) to substitute as mirrors.
  • Shaved door handles. Maybe even a sort of pop up thing like new fuel tank accesses (may be too complex).
  • Slight lip spoiler (since I've heard these actually increase MPG on the 2011 Jetta)
  • Lowered suspension with a body and side skirts to block out air from the underside of the car with a (partial grill block on the extra vents on the bottom of the body kit)
  • Full body pan.
  • Sealed panel gaps (thinking of a way to do this without affecting the looks of the car). Weatherstripping didn't seem too tacky, but we'll see.
  • Have no idea if fan is electric or mechanical, I'll have to look under the hood later today.
  • Lighter weight wheels. More stylish, but aluminum alloy wheels that don't look like dinner plates. A sort of middle ground compromise

    Less idealistic mods, but still ideas:
  • Economy camshaft swap (except for on a race track or in a Porsche/Mercedes, I've never driven really high above the speed limit. 3 over the 70 mph speed limit is max for me (8 warnings, 0 tickets). So as long as I can go 73 easily, maybe speed up to 80 for the random interstate in the middle of nowhere/passing people. I'd be cool with that. Jetta has a lot of zip, and the next mod would make up for the loss of pep:
  • Second, bigger turbo = more compression.
  • Manual or Automatic is under debate. Supposedly the DSG Automatic by VW is more efficient in it's shifting than a normal human being. So that's up for debate.
  • Getting custom hood, roof and trunk lid made which are actually solar panels and look stock with a potential alternator delete (highly HIGHLY unlikely, but using my imagination).

    Not really mods, but style choices:
  • Synthetic oil, was going to do it anyway
  • B5 biodiesel (max recommended on a 2011 Jetta TDI). Whether bought at B5 or adding 2.5 L (aka .73 gallons) of B99/B100 diesel to get close to B5.

    Some of these are easy weekend changes such as the lowered suspension and the body pans. Body kit (if it's direct bolt on) also could all be done in a weekend and will hopefully have built in tire spats if the car isn't already super low, if it's super low, it's almost acting like an air dam. Obviously without the grill block though, that'll take some fabrication. Maybe some

Any help will really be appreciated.

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