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Can't call it a VFR (vee four), VTR (vee twin) it would have to be a VSR, but that doesn't make sence as it's not a Vee. 1SR, nevermind CBR works. (they did sell a vtr250 in the states back around 88-89)

The big question is how long will it last, Ninja 250's have been reported to do over 100,000.

I had a KLR650, 1st chain lasted about 15,000 miles, on a FZ1, sold bike with 28,000 mile on original chain. How clean do you like your bike, chains like lube, lube goes all over. I lubed the FZ1 chain more often. I'd never use chain wax's again the buildup on swingarm was really tough stuff.

Tire size 110/70 x17 front, & 140/70 x 17 rear, it didn't mention radials or not, I'd expect them to be radials, price a set them and use 10,000 miles for life costing(could easily be 7-15k). Will you install tires or have dealer/shop? Since you already have a bike I'm sure you've dealt with dealer vs mail order tire prices.

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