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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
If VW are selling their BlueMotion versions in TX, get one of those - they're optimized for fuel efficiency.
If they're not selling them, read up on what VW did, and apply it to your own car.
Lowering is part of the game - get it lowered from the factory if possible.

More efficient cam shafts ... what VW puts in is already rather efficient.

They come with synth oil over here.

The DSG is supposed to be less thirsty in official tests.
A friend of mine has an Audi A3 1.9 TDi with DSG, and while it's very decent when shifting, it's also using a lot of fuel.
Like 40% more than his earlier A3 (late 1990's) true manual with a 1.9 TDi.
Only 36-40 mpg US, while I drove his older A3 to over 50 mpg without even trying !

The current VW TDi's aren't as frugally efficient as the earlier ones.
And they are rather complex machines, with soot particulate filters and all that.

Tinkering with the complex engine and peripherals will require skills - and void the warranty
  • BlueMotion is not available on new models, I'm pretty sure.
  • See what I can do about lowering from factory, if not I've found inexpensive kits I can install myself and sell the springs on some Jetta forum.
  • Camshaft was unlikely both due to cost and the likelihood of finding one that would actually improve MPG over what it already is.
  • They also come with synthetic oil here, but not going to pull some idiot move and stop doing that .
  • They due have all those filters and whatnot.
  • The engine upgrades would be toward the end of all this upgrading process and would probably also end up being at the end of the warranty period Also saw a guy making a dual-turbo kit on TDIClub and going really in depth, casting everything and going to make them to sell at a pretty reasonable price. I'll make sure to keep my eye on the thread as he makes his progress.
  • Other slimming mods are a go. In particular the cameras for mirrors seems pretty cool, can almost make them like mini one inch mirrors to reduce drag. What would REALLY be cool is to have the camera beep when someone is in the lane next to you like the back up assists, except ONLY when you had your blinker on. Example: Object in left lane, no beeping. Flip left blinker on, beeping. Flip right, no beeping. Increased cost of course, but definitely would be cool.
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