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Originally Posted by wagonman76 View Post
Then what I do is always pump the same speed. Which is about 0.1 gallon per second, I just imagine a clock ticking in my head as I watch the gallons readout. Then when it kicks off, I pump about half that speed till it kicks off again, and it usually does in about half a gallon. Then I call it good.
That's very helpful. Thanks

Originally Posted by jim-frank View Post
Temperature seems to make a notable difference, too. I try to fill at the same time (preferably when it's cool outside) so that doesn't make so much difference.
The temperature in the ground probably wouldn't vary that much, except it's under concrete, which can make a big difference. The other thing is, how long ago was the gas put into the ground from the truck, as the gas could have been a much higher temperature in the truck. So it seems to me that the the early morning is the best time to get gas, after an overcast the previous day, and as long as possible since the ground was filled from the truck.

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