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Originally Posted by mspropst View Post
In particular the cameras for mirrors seems pretty cool, can almost make them like mini one inch mirrors to reduce drag. What would REALLY be cool is to have the camera beep when someone is in the lane next to you like the back up assists, except ONLY when you had your blinker on. Example: Object in left lane, no beeping. Flip left blinker on, beeping. Flip right, no beeping. Increased cost of course, but definitely would be cool.
How about getting one of those bolt-on reverse beeper kits, the ones that come with 3-4 detectors you fit into holes in the rear bumper. Fit the detector to the sides instead of the rear and wire it so it activates with the indicators.

Indicate and something is there it beeps. If nothing then silence, or at least a calm beep so you know your flashers are going.

Disclaimer - I haven't tried this but the cheaper kits are low prices enough to risk it not working.
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