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Question How to avoid evaporative emissions at fill up

I have an older car - a '93 Civic DX.
Every time that i open the gas cap, there is a release of pressure and a load of fumes comes shooting out into the atmosphere.
This is raw unfiltered pollution, and I was wondering what can be done to avoid its release - or at least lessen it.
So far, I have found that filling up first thing in the morning when the air is cool and the gas tank has had a chance to cool keeps these fumes to a minimum.
Other than that, what tips could you guys give me ?

Also, what about at fill-up time ?
I try and be as quick to insert the nozzle as i can, but what else can be done ?

I live in Austin, Texas, which has better pollution than the Houston area where my parents live. I notice that the gas spigots ( ? ) in the Houston area have an added boot to catch the evaporative emissions. Here in Austin, the gas spigots are bare. Why can't all cities have these simple rubber boots installed - regardless of whether they are cleaner than the other guy ??

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