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Originally Posted by eeeehaw View Post
I beg to differ. I am constantly building antennas for amateur radio, and I start with a modeling program (3 actually), because it saves a TON of time. Yes, I agree that modeling programs are imperfect, and that there is nearly always empirical "tweaking" of the finished design needed to get it "perfect". Meanwhile, I know others that are wasting money, time, and materials (read: feeding landfills & producing more toxins & CO2) experimenting with trial & error designs.

I think it's pretty cool that he's modeling on a computer first, ie starting with known science to predict outcomes. As my interest grows in aerodynamics, I'm now looking for free or inexpensive fluid modeling programs.
The F1 CFD design teams are able to test many aero variations and then do modeling of a few of the most promising ones in the wind tunnel. Prior to all the testing restrictions, the teams would then test some of them in full size at the track. Now much of the Friday time is devoted to testing that previously was done before a race. In any event, computer modeling is an advance which allows the consideration of more ideas in less time without having to fabricate a model.
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