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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
Many of you apparantly don't know, I'm not union and have never gotten any benefit of any sort from any company or union, ever. I have receieved moderate pay but never had insurance in my entire life.

My standpoint is if Walker wants one group of COUNTY government employees that are paid via property taxes to give up something, he as a leader must actually lead and be willing to give up the same as those he is asking. The old saying if you want them to go one mile, you better go two is true.

Unless he and the legislature is willing to give up the same, in my mind he has zero creditability and is just a overpaid mouthpiece.

I too don't agree with the pay level or benefits of government employees in the state. I find the $100k+ salaries of state administration and COACHES more sickening, especially when the highest paid tend to also be in the most incompetent of districts.

But since teachers salary (at least in the K-12) is not directly apart of our deficit and is instead related to property taxes why not have the judges, administrators, police, fire, legislature and executive branches give up the same amounts asked for by the teachers, so an EFFECT actually is felt by the budget?

If he actually did that, it would be
1. Fair
2. Effective

As opposed to serving a misguided agenda, with terrible unrelated measures included such as
1. Removing the ability to sue nursing homes or remove relatives to different facilities
2. Forcing people (poor, disabled, elderly) who have no income to pay for their coverage/treatment.

I am all for making government employees benefits at least match the norm, but i am not for focusing on one group that happens to tie into a pollitical group alone and tieing in misguided damaging legislation that will end up being sorted out over a period of years.

And I also agree with Frank, its long since time we get the hell out of everywhere we are posted and focus on fixing our own house and stop making enemies in the outside world.

A few other points to consider: did you know that teachers in public schools are not the only ones that have unions? Everyone in the system from administrators to custodians also do. And what if you don't like the lousy, indoctrinating curriculum that your kid is being force fed? Guess who creates it? not the teacher. Guess who orders it for use in the school district? Not the teacher.

So why do the teachers take all the heat? For one thing, no one realizes that the administrators (of whom there are MANY) get paid much more than teachers do; also, everyone including the school custodians are paid royally, compared to what their job skills would be worth in the private sector.

Think of it this way: When you go to a restaurant and get a bad (and overpriced) meal, who do you blame? You probably might blame the waiter or waitress, because he is the only one you interact with. No one blames the chef. No one blames the janitor. No one blames the restaurant owner. When you go to a bad play or a bad movie do you blame the playwright? The producers? Or only the actors?

The main difference is that you must pay for public schools, even if you don't use them. Unlike bad meals and bad entertainment, you can't opt out of paying school taxes.