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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
School funding shouldn't be linked to property holdings; it should be linked to how many kids you have, proportionally.

There are plenty of strange and expensive things going on in schools now, that weren't when I was in school eons ago. For instance, I notice school buses in my town from several other towns 30 miles away, every day, not for sporting or other special events either. We are trucking kids out of their home districts, into others. Why? I would like to see the bussing statistics- how many miles busses put on in, say, 1975 vs today, and why?
Oh, BTW, did you know that school buses have been exempted from federal emissions standards ever since school busing became a 'sacred cow', many decades ago? It makes me laugh that parents appear to be SO concerned and vocal about the environment and the safety of children - yet they put them on state mandated buses that reek of nauseating exhaust fumes and often don't even have seat belts.