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The standard turbo is the VNT type (or more modern version) which changes the windmill side of things to respond better depending on the exhaust pressure moving over it. The VNT parts can 'stick' with time and gunge but some additive and a quick 'blast' usually frees it. It also means that the turbo you have is probably best suited to the car already.

Unless you are after mega power then leave it. And if you are a remap will get you more for less money and fuss. Also check out the TDIClub forums - I have heard / read that the 2.0 is more of a "delicate flower" when it comes to power boosts than the older 1.9.

Its a damn efficient engine as it is. Although what EM says about it being more thirsty than the 1.9 is correct it responds superbly to ecodriving especially the manuals. I can get Mrs A's Octavia (think identical to Jetta Wagon but with different badge) TDI 140 to over 55 MPG imperial in just town driving. I haven't measured a tank of that as Mrs A only lets me drive it sparingly and she sees the go pedal more as a switch than a lever.
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