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Thanks to all that have responded.

I will keep the Goldwing regardless of what I do, It is a wonderful 2 up cruiser. It is not as economical as a small car. Any cheap sedan will match it's fuel millage and beat it in maintenance costs. I am looking at the CBR as both practical and fun transportation. We live in the country and I am a believer in having spare vehicles in case of breakdowns and maintenance issues. My job will be a a no excuses, "just be here" kind of situation. It will also involve lots of hours, so I expect to have most of the work done on the bikes. My wife has also expressed an interest in riding. She commutes 100 miles per day. I figured it might be a good first bike for her also. Who knows, we may end up with 2 of them.

I figured the cost as "worst case scenario", so I put the max cost on all repairs and expenses. I figured it at 20.4 cents per mile, could be less with careful riding and maintenance. I did forget to add in oil changes. It is cheap to insure all vehicles out here and I have room for storage so I figure costs on miles of use. Any mile put on one vehicle saves expense on another. Figuring expenses on a used car is so much more difficult.

Thanks again to all

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