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Here is everything I have found so far on the metro cams from Teamswift:
Horsepower @ RPM: 49 @ 4,700 (XFi)
Horsepower @ RPM: 55 @ 5,700 (Base and LSi)
Torque(lb/ft) @ RPM: 58 @ 3,300 (All Models)

stock profiles are

Lift/Duration at .050"

85-87 1.0/3cyl 330 /192
89-01 1.0/3cyl 330 /198
GT I 295/192 E295 /198
Cultus I 305/192 E305/198
1.3 8V 330/192
1.3 16V SOHC 308/184
1.6 8V 356/202
1.6 16V I 308/192 E308/198
I don't have the lift/duration for the xfi cam, I never have had time to take a degree wheel and dial indicator out and measure it. Advancing the cam 3-4 degrees increased the bottom end power even more and totally killed top end so I still think the cam can go a bit smaller than xfi spec and pick up even more mileage. But considering the 5mpg or better improvement the xfi spec cam gives It might not be that much more of a gain to go even lower. Might not be worth having nothing left over 2500 just for another 2mpg on top of the xfi spec.

What am I thinking this is EM everyone would be perfectly happy with a 2500rpm limit for .5mpg even

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