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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Did you get to keep the eco-parts of the ECO4 Astra ?
Unfortunately there were a miscommunication between me and the insurance company - they towed the car straight to a scrapyard - I thought they were going to tow it to a garage for repair. Because of this confusion, my insurance company allowed me to see the car again, but I was only allowed to take off the parts that wasn't OEM - the towbar, cruise control and radio. I didn't get a chance to remove the eco parts, didn't really think of it, to be honest!

Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
Be careful of the wheel swap because of Insurance.
"I brought the car without alloy wheels, I didn't know alloy wheels were standard for this variant? I guess the previous owner sold off the alloy wheels before selling the car to me maybe? There were 3 previous owners, I don't know what they've done to it."

What is the engine in the new car, i.e. what model exactly ?
Not sure what you're looking for, but the Opel code is Z17DTL, I believe. Is this the code/model you're looking for?

Do you know if it has fully synth oil in it ?
Don't know - the garage who sold the car to me changed the oil (so they claim). When the oil next need changing in 4,000 miles time, I will be using 5w30 oil which is the minimum recommended by the manual and what I was using on my old ECO4.

My aim: to achieve 3L/100km.
Best tank @ 65mph: 864.2 miles 69.36MPGus 3.4l/100km
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