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Hi Eddles,

Sorry to hear about the ECO4 getting trashed, I hope no-one was hurt. Did you get to keep any parts? That'd be awesome, since ECO4 parts are so rare.

Look on the bright side - you have a unique opportunity to compare, almost side-to-side, two versions of the same car. Yes, a few parameters have changed, but most are very close (weight, frontal area, etc.).

When did you get the "new" Astra, and how old was it, how many miles on it? Has it been checked and tuned up yet? Maybe an oil and filter change will help, maybe alignment should be checked.

If you do swap the wheels/tires then maybe try a roll-down test to see the difference in RR.

Originally Posted by Eddles View Post
This car comes with the exactly the same engine as my ECO4, but with common rail injection and, I believe, a lower pressure turbo.
Can the boost be increased?

Originally Posted by Eddles View Post
[2]The 68 BHP Fiat 1.2 diesel engine found in some Opels run rings around the Isuzu 1.7 diesel engine.
An engine swap is out of the question, I guess?
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