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Originally Posted by t vago View Post
I saw some interesting sights during this last winter snowstorm a few days ago. People around here generally don't brush off more than the bare minimum of snow from their cars, and of course they like to drive on the interstate with all of this snow blowing off.

On quite a few of these cars, I happened to see snow aerodynamically shape itself to the roofs of these cars, such that the roof was effectively raised a few inches. That makes me think that for maximum gain, maybe the leading edge of this template ought to be matched to the windsheild of a given vehicle, and then aero extensions ought to be built to match the template (even if it raises the roof a bit).

Then again, that may drop C(d) at the expense of increased frontal area. Just a thought...
t vago,I intentionally left the 'front' of the template simplified to honor pure fluid dynamic minimum drag for sub-transonic flow road vehicle aerodynamics.
Any modern vehicle has a 'good enough' front end for attached flow.
The importance of the Template is its treatment of the vehicle aft-body.This is where the drag is.
As an ecommodder though,the question is,are you going to totally re-design the front of your car,or clean up the back.
Front mods may do little for performance,as I proved to myself at Bonneville.
Rear mods however will make tremendous difference to performance,and I also proved that to myself at Bonneville,and the open road.
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