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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I'd say it depends whether your goal is high MPG or saving money. I'd wager you're capable of doing the math and figuring out the payback time of the Insight vs. either of the other vehicles. I think you'll find that it's cheaper to stick with the Swift over any reasonable time period, but the Insight is definitely one of the hypermilers' hotrods, so to speak. And not everybody makes vehicle decisions for purely rational reasons.

Is that an actual pic of your Swift? It looks lowered.
Welcome to the forum!
My goal is a little of both... mpg and money, but with a little 'I like this car' thrown in. Which is why both the Insight (mpg) and the CRX HF ($ and like) are considerations over the Swift.

If it were only about getting mpgs and money, I am sure that there is more that can be done to the Swift to pull higher mpgs. In that effort I am swapping to kumho solus kr21 155/80/r13's on OEM steelies vs the 185/65r14 winter tires on alloys that are installed now. I will be selling the winter tires and alloys. Beyond that I am sure I could do some minor aero items... rear fender covers, underbody aero...etc. Maybe even a trans swap to lower gearing.

But the 'I like this car' thing makes me want a CRX HF. Its a CRX and it can pretty easily get 50mpg for fairly cheap. If I want to play with it, its a Honda Civic so there are lots of parts available. If I want more power I can do a VX swap.

As for the picture of the Swift above. Yep, that is my car. Yes it is lowered, the P.O. cut the springs all around to bring the car down a little. Wish it was a little lower yet.

And thanks for the welcome. I have been lurking for a month or two reading threads here and there.
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