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Originally Posted by tim3058 View Post
So texaco can only be lying, just because there trying to make money? and whoever's on the other side of the courtroom isnt trying to rake in billions of dollars as well? Chevron's statement may have the same merit as the villagers statement (consider the remote villagers know only what their gov't has told them about the spills - the gov't has just as much reason to lie as Chevron, and conveniently is running the court too).

Wiki may or may not always be reliable, and the one line relating to EVs doesnt quote facts, just an authors opinion. Buying out your competition is nothing new... or evil.
You trust an oil company who's goal is to make as much money as possible (that is how a large corporation works) over a web site which is known for accuracy maintained by thousands of dedicated individuals and who's main goal is simply the truth. Kinda illogical dude. besides look up the reference- the info came from direct interviews and patents (read the book). you can look up the patents its not hidden info. They expire in 2015 which a lot of company's are waiting for

besides "buying the competition" is more commonly called monopolizing which last time i checked is Illegal- hrm shady illegal acts, sounds evil to me
are you working for chevron or what?

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