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Originally Posted by Jim-Bob View Post
Should we limit childbirth or enact a national eugenics program to eliminate the inferior people? No, that would make us monsters and put us in the same company as people like Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood for just such purposes. Sadly though we HAVE gone through just such policies in our past. Eugenics boards were set up and any child thought to not be intelligent enough by their teacher was then recommended to the board for forced sterilization. This could have been something as simple as one bad report card. Hundreds of thousands of children, many of which later became well educated adults, were forcibly sterilized by the government in the US in these programs. The last forced sterilization was either in 1973 or 1981 depending on which source you refer to. So, before you start down that road, remember: We have been there before and it did us no good. And for those who think the US government has never violated the human rights of it's citizens, go study history a little more in depth than what you got in the 10th grade. You would be shocked at what you find.
Holy Hanna, it NEVER fails, someone has to get all extreme right away.

What about simply abolishing dependent deductions and making parents fund schools for starters? If you still wanna play JimBob Duggar and can afford it, well there ya are. Those two actions would be a pretty sweet disincentive right there- especially in trying times- I'd wager...