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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Do I trust the corporation? No. Do I trust the corporation - whose motive (making as much money as possible) I know - over liability lawyers and political activists with axes to grind? You bet I do!

The battery thing has never made sense to me. Chevron is in business to make money, no? So it could obviously make tons of money from selling batteries, in addition to the money it makes from selling oil, because A) it'd take the world decades to ramp up to full EV penetration; B) even in a full EV world, there are plenty of uses for oil; C) there are other, better battery technologies that can be (and have been) developed; and D) their management aren't idiots, and obviously know all about Peak Oil.

So knowing all that, why would I buy into a conspiracy theory?
because it isn't a conspiracy theory. They want to run gas as long as possible because there isn't near as much money with EV tech, sure you have the battery and all initial costs but after that they can go a long time needing very little major work. Chevron basically admitted to it anyways when they sued Panasonic over use of their batteries which for several years were the only ones that were viable and still are the most practical. Every time someone tries to buy from them and they say yes they always cancel the orders. There is more money in the fuel industry thus oil company's will try very hard to keep EV's out. You guys act like major corporations all act as logically as possible without looking at a track record that shows the opposite.
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