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Originally Posted by duane1 View Post
I think the poll is slanted drastically to the left just due to the bias in the possible responses. You are trying to win this poll, not get a reasoned response.

If you want to get true numbers about his credibility we need a wide range of repsonses and alternatives rather than the libral insult of "he's too important".

Open and honest debate is the only way to work through any issues.
Wow. I can hardly believe I'm not the only one here who has noticed this.

It's why I didn't answer the poll.

This is related to: "Is it true you are still beating your wife?"

The answer you get to any question depends on how the question is framed. The one who defines the terms controls the debate.

If I may make a suggestion: would you revise the questions and try submitting it as a new (or revised) poll? Whether the list administration allows or supports it may be an indicator of possible bias.