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new scangauge user question

I just got my scangauge the other day and hooked it up to my gas guzzling 96 silverado with a 5.7 engine, then today used it on my 2.2 litre sunfire. Boy does it ever take a wack of fuel to get that truck moving from a dead stop!! Anyhow, the truck is not my daily driver and is used mostly for towing, so it wasnt bought for economy.
On to the question...when I switched the unit over to the sunfire, I reset it to the defaults and went through the setup again. Took a ride into town and shut the car off for about 20 minutes and when I re-started it the avg gauge was now showing 0. Should the avg gauge not hold its memory, or does it reset to 0 whenever its shut off? It seems to me that when I had it in the truck the avg gauge memory was held, but I could be wrong.
I'm sure I'll have a few more questions as I get into this more.

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