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50 mpg Fiat 500 Project
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Miller Cycle Engine for Project Mustang?

I was daydreaming today about auto parts and my mustang eco-modder project and was thinking...

If I am able to derive over 30 mpg from my 2.3 ohc motor with just playing with the air fuel ratio and maf sensor readings, what could i gainfully accomplish if I was to put together a purpose built smaller displacement miller cycle 4 cylinder motor?

Miller Cycle Info: Miller cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Would a 2.0 liter SOHC Miller Cycle motor be capable of putting project mustang in the 50mpg club?

I'm assembling a parts list in my head right now:
86-88 ford ranger 2.0 block (pistons TBD)
91-93 ford mustang 8 plug head (milled for hi compression)
Custom Cam ground by Web Camshaft
Custom Intake manifold utilizing an eaton supercharger
Moates 1/4 horse EEC tuning

I think I might hit 40mpg now, but it sure would be sweet if I could build this car to produce 150hp and 50 mpg...

thoughts? ideas?

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