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Cool Help me decide how to transport my dirtbike.

Not sure if any of you know this, but i'm a huge motocross fan and just got back into riding last year. However, I'm in a bit of a situation here (not a jersey shore one).

I've moved up to Pomona,NY (just outside of New Jersey) from Manahawkin,NJ (south jersey) for my new job. I live in a condo and have no outside storage space, and my condo is on the 2nd floor. Currently, my yz250 is back home at my father's house in the garage (where it's always been). Storage in my new situation is not a problem though because my girlfriend's aunt is letting me use her shed, and she's about 20 minutes from my house. I'll be moving the bike up here as soon as i figure out how i'll be transporting it around.

Before i moved, I used to use my father's Chevy Tahoe with a motorcycle carrier on the hitch to transport my motorcycle around. However, i now drive around a cheap 99' Saturn SL1 as a commuter car for when i can't ride my street motorcycle (weather, etc). I currently don't have a way to transport my yz250.

This is the carrier i have: 400 Lb. Receiver-Mount Motorcycle Carrier

So here are my options. I'd like some opinions.

Keep in mind, my main objective is to spend as little money as possible :thumbsup:

1. Keep the car and install a toe hitch. I've seen toe hitch's for about 150$ that i have to install myself. They are only rated for a 200lb tongue weight and are class 1, so i'm worried that the weight of my motorcycle carrier + yz250 will be too much for the hitch. To make matters worse, the hitches for this car only come in 1 1/4", and the carrier is 2". I'd need to use an adapter plate which essentially cuts the tongue weight in half.

2. Keep the car, install hitch, sell carrier and get a small trailer. I could get about 75-100$ or so for the carrier, and i can buy a small trailer for the dirtbike. I'd still have to install the hitch, but the tongue weight shouldn't be a problem since most of the weight will be distributed over the trailer tires. Downfall to this scenario is parking the trailer somewhere. I think i'll get a bunch of crap for leaving a trailer in the parking lot in my condo complex. Also, i'll have to register and insure the trailer which is extra money

3. Sell the car, sell the carrier, buy a small pickup truck. I could try to sell my car, probably get about $1000 or so for it, and try to find a pickup truck to haul my bike around.

4. Other. If you can think of anything else i could do, let me know.

Thanks guys.

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