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Arrow Fuel Doctor is for Suckers

I'll make this offer again.

Send me $59.99 and I'll send you this tricolored energy focusing amulet that you hang from your rearview mirror.

It is proven to harness the cosmic radiation from the huge pool of energy that powers Galactic Space, Dark Matter, and transform it into a usable form that makes your car run better, tires will last longer, you can safely go 20,000 miles between oil changes, and bugs will clean off your windshield with ease.

And if you act now, as a special bonus, I'll have it blessed by a local Witch Doctor! (Chicken blood will be completely removed prior to shipment)

This will double or triple the effectiveness of this rare amulet! You may never have to buy another tank of gas again!!

ACT NOW!!!! (Due to high worldwide demand, Di-Lithium prices may rise significantly and we cannot guarantee this price!)
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