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All joking aside, there is a good reason to go with induction charging:

"HaloIPT’s wireless charging systems use inductive power transfer (IPT) to transfer power over gaps of up to 400mm (15.75 inches) and are tolerant to parking misalignment with power transfer efficiencies that can match a plug-and-cable. The company is currently delivering units in the range 3 to 7kW and is also developing higher power 3-phase systems for public charging."

"The technology is designed to function beneath asphalt, and works under water or covered in ice and snow. IPT systems can be configured to work with all road-based vehicles from small city cars to heavy-goods vehicles and buses. With IPT technology embedded into roads, cars could also be charged on the move. This dynamic in-motion charging would reduce battery size requirements as well as providing charging convenience, the company suggests."

HaloIPT is a technology development company founded by Auckland UniServices (NZ) and Arup (UK).
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