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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
Excuse me? from what I've read inductive charging can be as much as 90% efficient... using a plug and socket you have direct contact, I'm not sure if it's safe to say that a plug and socket has less then 1% loss but I think it's pretty close where inductive charging has around 10% loss or ten times the loss! sure it's not alot until you start looking at a larger scale, for every 10 cars that are charging there would enough loss that an 11th car could be charged! that is alot of lost energy, that would be like spilling a gallon of gas on the ground every time you filled up your ten gallon gas tank.
I can't say for sure but I think that when people say 'charge efficiency' it refers to the properties of the battery itself and does not depend on the charger. It is the ratio (expressed as a percentage) between the energy removed from a battery during discharge compared with the energy used during charging to restore the original capacity so maybe the "coupling efficiency" (if that's the right term) of induction and direct are not that much different.
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