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I took the plunge! My Saturn conversion

So I bought a 1996 Saturn SL1, 4 door to convert to electric. I have been taking pictures and will post some. I don't want to "reinvent the wheel", so I am going to try and copy what other people have done that works well. That's one reason I chose a Saturn, as it has been done before.

I will try to post what I learn, to make it easier for anyone who does a Saturn in the future.

One good thing about a 1996 is that the speedometer runs off the transmission, so it will be easy to make the speedometer work. No computer to worry about.

Today I started by draining the gas tank. There is a fitting in the filler tube that goes to the tank so you can't put a hose down it to syphon out the gas. I messed around under the back of the car where I managed to remove the filler tube from the gas tank. I could then stick my syphon hose right in the tank an get the gas out.

Then I figured out the easy way to get the gas out. Under the drivers side are two rubber fuel lines, one big one small. The small one is the return to the tank. All I did was put a pan under the lines and cut the return line then start the car. The last remaining fuel poured out and the engine died.

Then I drained the motor oil.

Then I removed the AC compressor. It was not working, and there was no freon in it. Actually, one of the hoses was completely disconnected when I got the car. I won't be reusing the AC.

Thats about all I got done today.

The plan is to get one of the 72 volt Curtis controllers that are on Ebay. Motor and batteries are still to be determined.



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