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I am currently building my own home all by myself (wife helped). My home is only 28x32 plus full basement but feels much larger because of the high ceilings. I made a walkout basement but oriented it towards the road. She looks like a big 2 storey from the road, and people often refer to it as that big house on the hill. Use height to trick the eye, but try to keep everything to scale. High ceilings do require fans to push the heat back down, but I do prefer "moving air" to stagnent air. Feels more comfortable and even to me. My house isn't really an eco house because of local laws and costs I couldn't afford, but it is currently heated with only 2 1500 watt 120 volt heaters that cycle on and off even at -20 celsius. Lots of windows but the blinds are closed when the son goes down. Keep in mind that with such a small space that heating and cooling will be affected by waste heat from appliances like fridges and tvs etc.

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