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What you've done reminds me a little bit of NASCAR air dams. There is a lot that can be learned from racecar aerodynamics. Smooth contours, diverting airflow away from dirty parts of car (like undercarriage), not making the airflow to bend any more than necessary and eliminating extremes in pressure gradient distributions, etc. However there are things that do not pertain to those of us on the street doing under 150 MPH.

First racecars are obsessed with down-force to create high cornering loads. Many rules today are there just to eliminate that technology thereby slowing down the cars. Most racecars are so overpowered that just getting the power to the pavement is a real problem. One that we don't have. Also racecars (that resemble street cars) have quite a few restrictions on what they can and cannot do as far as changing vehicle profile and airflow around the car. Again that's mostly not a problem for us.

For us it's all about eliminating drag. Drag comes from changes in flow, both directional and pressure distributions. Anything we can do to create equilibrium and smooth contours only helps us. Anytime the airflow has to work through changes in direction, slowing down or speeding up, it extracts energy from the airstream. That energy (often called drag) has to be made up through our propulsion system. That in turn requires fuel which we all know is something we are trying to avoid.
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