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perpendicular impact

Originally Posted by caferacer51 View Post
Hi Guys/Girls...

Fuels finaly hit 1.30/litre. A*se.

My MX5 (Miata) has really exposed front tyres, so yesterday I made a pair of these (see before and after photos...)

I would like to tidy the fixings up a bit ie, make them smaller/lighter.



I used a store bought clear material labelled as 'polystyrene'. It was certainly flexible enough, but produced tiny cracks when cutting. It was 2mm thick.

What other products/materials would suit this application?

Have I made something worthwile?

Thanks in advance, Ian
Ian,you're doing a good thing.Ideally,as in solar race cars for example,complete shielding of the tires from the airflow cuts drag.
At say,100 km/h,the forward face of the front tires are travelling downward at 100 km/h and impacting the air perpendicularly at 100 km/h.It's a situation which makes it impossible for attached flow.
Your shields will kick the air out and around the tires where it can flow to the rear.
If you were to do likewise for the entire sides of the Miata you'd gain even more.GM measured improvements this way with its Trans AM Firebird.
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