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Originally Posted by bdesj View Post
Even at my mediocre mileage (a bit over 30 MPG), I`m at a quarter tank in my truck and haven`t filled up since Jan 10th.
My daily transportation is mostly by bicycle.
In December, I bought a large motorscooter.
Nothing wrong with that - using a method of transportation adapted to the purpose is good.

I've done 29.362 km in the past year - 18250 miles.
I hardly ever use the car on short hops in-town.
If that happens, it's usually in combination with a longer trip or my regular commute.

Next week the city council will cut traffic through the city, which means I'll need to drive all the way around it, and will instantly add 10 km - 10% , some 6 miles - to my daily commute. So much for driving less

In addition, traffic jams are expected just to get out of town ; and it means getting out on a big road (PSL 56 mph) with a still-cold engine.
I'm likely going to feel it in the MPG and total fuel used.
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