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Really really good stuff.

48) Conserve momentum: brake hard

It sounds like a contradiction, but there are rare times when braking hard can save fuel compared to coasting or light braking: it's a "damage control" technique when faced with an unpredictable/unanticipated stop or slow down ahead.
I call this 'pre-braking', or braking early to save momentum. It's not really about braking hard, it's about braking early. Don't want people to slam on their brakes for seemingly no reason. I would also say this is for stop/slow looking far ahead

50) Use the 'racing line'

Knowing how to pick the "racing line" through a corner, when safe, can help to preserve momentum. Generally, the racing line is the path through a turn with the largest possible radius. It may permits a higher speed with more comfort (less body roll and g-forces), and less tire scrub.
'It may permits'?
Minor nit: What we're looking for is the balance between shortest path and highest exit speed. For many curves we want to cut the inside corner, not go the long way around, in order to decrease distance traveled.
A true racing line is one where the entry speed is high and where you can get back on the loud pedal earliest.

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