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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
If you look at it from a cost/mile perspective, though, I DO have 99 cent gas. In fact, I do even better. I average 71.2 mpg in the Insight, a typical SUV gets say 15 mpg. So at $4/gal, it costs him $4 to go those 15 miles, but it costs me only 84 cents :-)

Even for a smaller American car getting 25 mpg, I'm still paying only $1.40 for what costs them $4.
When I was in school and would come home with my grades card, I would give a similar excuse about how many kids had worse scores than I did. But I would always hear that I "should never compare myself to those who are worse, but always aim to catch up to, and pass, the better ones".

There's always someone in a Hummer or Veyron that gets less mpg, but that is no excuse to rest on your laurels.
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