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I'll add some error checking that might eliminate the problem, but won't affect valid rpms. It's not going to go from 100 rpm to 16000rpm in 0.001 seconds.

The mill is working! hurray! It starts and stops so quietly now. It used to make really loud popping noises when it stopped, but I thought that was just some weird contactor. That means it had been broken for a really long time. The capacitor had a big dent in it when I took it out. Go Harbor Freight!

Here's a message from PCB Cart about the driver board:
Dear Michael Holmes,
Your order 110218-194810-769 is confirmed Mar 4, 2011 18:00 and schedule to deliver on Mar 8, 2011.
We will send you delivery details as delivered. For part number 1000amp Driver Board, we are sorry there is some shipping deay because of test failure, we arrange to remake and new shipping date is Mar 8, 2011. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if had any questions, thank you.
Those stinkers! I got's da get me one o' dem karate chop sandwiches with peanut butter and honey and PCBCart on it!

Each piece of gcode is written as I make the item, so the list is quite long at this point, but all the milling and drilling is ALMOST done!!! Then it's 50 hours of soldering. My wife had a good idea for a modification to the enclosure (easy for the DIY type), so I think I'll do that. Right now the end caps just sort of slide over the bus bars and sit there minding their own business, but I was going to flare out (or in) the left and right part of the end so there's a face to bolt the endcaps to. Then, with a little caulking or something, it will be easy to make the dang thing pretty much water proof.
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