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Originally Posted by darcane View Post
...Does that mean we have no right to complain? Well, of course not.
Our fuel tax doesn't just go on roads, it also pays for state pensions and a universal health care system as well as useless vanity projects for whichever party is in power of course. We were told recently that our government had made loads of cuts - they haven't - they have just slowed the increase in spending. At the same time as we scrap our only aircraft carrier and its aircraft just when it may be useful (e.g. Libya) our Defence Ministry is still buying lightbulbs for 20 each - 0.60p in B&Q.

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Arragonis -...CarloSW2
Carlos - it gets worse - we managed to create the premium market for Japanese cars by having a "gentleman's agreement" with the japanese makers to limit their numbers to 10% of the UK market for most of the 70s. They kept to it and it meant that demand outstripped supply so it drove up prices of their products. It wasn't until the Koreans and Malaysians started to make the same cars that they had competition.
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