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OK, for 3 of the 4 prototype controllers, all metals drilled and nice and rounded on all the edges, and milled super flat and shiny. Now to send out that PCB for the current sensor. I tested it with 3 different bus bar dimensions, and 0.125" spacing is perfect for all of them. So I can use that for anything from 500 amps up to about 1200amps, and if you add one more PCB spacer, it would be good to around 2000 amps. There's no limit to the number of amps it can monitor. The pcb I'm about to order is going to be 0.125" thick, so you just bolt that sucker on, and away you go! The cost of parts is around $5.50 for everything including the PCB, which is way cheaper than $27.50 for a LEM!

You do need to be able to solder a few surface mount components, but it's not too bad. You also need to use two #6 nylon screws. It also takes up less space than the LEM.

The bus bar needs to be < = 1" wide, due to the fact that the holes where you connect the wires would be too close to the bus bar if it were much wider than that.
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