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To me the "game" has two goals, reduce the miles driven and increase mpg so I've gone from 400 miles per week getting 42mpg to about 50 miles per week getting 50 mpg by changing jobs so I was only a few miles away from work then I moved so I was the same distance from work but instead of being 2-3 miles from the places I go most often outside of work I was 2-8 blocks from the people and places that I go when I'm not at work.
I don't miss filling up to find out what my mileage is, if it takes me two months to use up a tank of gas then I'm excited because I used less gasoline over all so anything that I can do to stretch that out is good in my eyes.
At the same time, if I drive my electric car less I see that as a good thing, I want to find fewer reasons to drive, not more.
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