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Originally Posted by aerohead
t vago,I intentionally left the 'front' of the template simplified to honor pure fluid dynamic minimum drag for sub-transonic flow road vehicle aerodynamics.
Any modern vehicle has a 'good enough' front end for attached flow.--------------------------------------------------------------------------
The importance of the Template is its treatment of the vehicle aft-body.This is where the drag is.
As an ecommodder though,the question is,are you going to totally re-design the front of your car,or clean up the back.
Front mods may do little for performance,as I proved to myself at Bonneville.
Rear mods however will make tremendous difference to performance,and I also proved that to myself at Bonneville,and the open road.
Originally Posted by aerohead
The templates emphasis is on a vehicles aft-body,as this is where the lion's share of drag occurs.
Most contemporary automobiles have a
'good enough' fore-body,that good flow from there is assumed
The template,as described in the first two portions of the thread,reduces the criteria for its use to a single element,height.That's all one needs to create an aft-body with zero separation.

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