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Originally Posted by adamj12b View Post
In order to fit the controller inside the amplifier case, you would have to basically redesign the power section from scratch. It would require a special design to fit circuit board and most likely caps that are larger in diameter and shorter in height. Its defiantly a possibility to do, but time consuming. I was working on going this route once, but stopped because of many factors.

As for tach output, The controller has the ability to output a pulse to run a tach with a little bit more hardware, but you first need to feed a tach signal into the controller to know the speed the motor is spinning. This also requires some hardware.

There currently code being worked on and tested to monitor and limit RPM based on one of the input pins on the ISP port that is not used after initial programming.

As for driving a temp gauge, This would just require some hardware and some code.

Dang, I finally reached the end. Almost 4500 posts is definitely a marathon read . About 2000 posts ago, someone posted a powerboard sketch with the heat spreader hoizontal rather than vertical, was that just a one off thought experiment, or did anything come of that? That was kind of the way I was thinking of bringing the height down to fit in the amp case. I'm still thinking about the caps. Perhaps a whole bunch of smaller ones in parallel. That wouldn't be cost optimized, I'm sure, but would bring down then height. Also, about 1000 posts ago, there was talk of using motor voltage and a motor constant to calculate the RPM in the MCU without actually needing any new hardware. Did that fizzle or would that still be an option? In order to use the MCU to drive one of the factory gauges, what would the additional hardware consist of? Unrelated, instead of a precharge relay, would it be possible to use another mosfet? It seems like anything solidstate is going to be just a bit more robust than somethign electromechanical. I'm an ME, so I'm a bit out of my element, but learning a little more EE each day. Actually it's kind of funny because the EE at my work is starting to look at me funny when I show up almost every day with rather specific technical questions.

Jackbauer, do you have schematics for your Bauer-con posted anywhere? Or are they functionally similar to one of the Cougar revs? Just with an IGBT instead of a mosfet array?

Well, now I'm off to rad the rest of the threads in the subforum. None of those are too long, so hopefully I can cruise through them at lunch tomorrow. Or while I'm dodging real work.

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