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Originally Posted by adamj12b View Post
The driver boards are modular in this design. I thought this could be good for people that want flexibility in power and price. You will be able to choose a high power driver, which uses the VLA-502-01 Powerex driver module. This is a 12A high frequency (30-70khz) driver module with built in dc-dc converter and Vsat detection. This is mainly for IGBT's.

The other driver board I designed and ordered is one just for prototyping. I will use this one to break out the signals for PWM, +5v, +VIN, GND, and an adc pin that can be used for feedback. I will use this board to design a driver based on what the cougar uses. It will be good for simple and smaller MOSFET based power sections.

Here is the back of the main board with the unpopulated vla-502-01 driver board.
Hi Adam,

Did you reverse engineer the VLA-502-01 Powerex driver module?

Is that your own DC/DC, or is the Driver PCB you have shown in your pictures based on the cougar driver power supply ???

Same pinouts as the Powerex VLA-502-01 PCB ???

Looking good !!!

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