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I think some folks have used the CPP file directly in arduino, though I don't really endorse arduino for "serious" applications based on many first hand experiences.

I've seen the bootloader corrupt the program on powerup, and it takes 2k usually and slow startup. ISP programmers are available for, well nothing if you have a spare parallel cable and port, or can teach an existing arduino to be a programmer. But decent ones are available for $10-$20 and make programming fuses and debugging possible.

No love lost here with the bootloader.

Also Arduino is a moving target, I had to bypass much of arduino to do the critical functions, and those "implementation details" got clobbered with new releases of arduino (in fact got clobbered within hours of the first mpguino release). So arduino is ok for playing around with, but fyi I'm not planning on investing any more serious time in it, though I do occasionally prototype in it.

AVR GCC is much much more stable.

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