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Originally Posted by bootchk View Post
Honda CRX also calls for zero toe-in +- .08 inch.

How uncommon is zero toe-in?

I can attest to Insight twitchy, but mostly on grooved pavement.
One cure for the "twitchy" on grooved pavement it to change the rear wheel spacing. It turns out that the rear wheels are spaced just right to get "caught" in the "standard" grooves in the Concrete US Interstate Highway system. Another Insight owner showed me his solution and I adopted it. It really made a big difference.

Just place a 1/8" spacer under both rear wheels. That will increase the rear stance by just 1/4" which will not affect the rear skirts, but it will make a world of difference in the "twitchyness" of the 1st generation Honda Insight.

The tire shop will not like it and will remove the spacers when you get new tires, so make sure to ask for them back so you can replace them when you get home!!!
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