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Alcohol is used in drag cars alot with superchargers, it makes a huge difference in power because of the heating and increased pressure the forced induction creates, the cooler burning fuel works much better.

For normal cars, the advantage is really that E85 burns cleaner,
and is made in the USA. I see it locally at $3/gal, E10 is $4/gal,
so the price is a wash really, just like diesel fuel is ~25% higher and gets ~25% better mileage..

What would be really good is to run on Natural Gas, as the price has plummeted while oil has skyrocketed, it has become 4-7 times less expensive than gasoline. Been thinking to build a car that uses NG.

Originally Posted by libertyftw View Post
from what I understand if you do the math the end result is your losing money if you use e85 however its better flash point and can be used in high compression engines draw back is generally lost h.p.
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