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I FINALLY ordered the current sensor PCB today. I thought I could make them on the mill, but the 7.5mT sensor has few capacitor requirements than the 25mT version, so I had to send the dang thing in to have it made! 0.125" thick. They just shipped the control boards, power boards, and driver boards today finally. Jerks. So pretty soon I'll be able to ship the stuff to everyone that got something. If anyone wants one of those "1200 amp" current sensor boards and a bill of materials, let me know and Sabrina can send a paypal invoice. By the way, it can also be a 2000 amp current sensor just as easily (just one more piece of pcb underneath the main one). I think those will be $5. That will help me make back the stupid $50 or whatever it was for the stupid "tooling fee".
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