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ECU drama.

Where to begin.....

The car I recently bought 2000 honda Hx, 107k, standard transmission

It has a confirmed bog issue. The RPM's peg at 4000 in every gear.

I took the car in and it is being serviced as we speak.

The timing belt all other belts and water pump is being replaced.

It is also confirmed that the CPU isn't getting enough juice, it is reading 4 ohms instead of the necessary 12. So my Vtec-e isn't engaging and hence why I am unable to go over 4k rpm.

They are claiming I need a whole new ECU for $1200.

But, I'm hard pressed to believe the that OE HONDA ECU is actually bad, from what I've read.

"Unless the computer has got damaged by flood, other moisture intrusion, impact, or serious electrical overload, the probability of the computer being bad is virtually zero. Honda computers are exceedingly reliable. Do not waste your money replacing them. Your problem almost certainly lies elsewhere".

Anyone agree?

The Dealership, has noticed that the check engine light doesn't illuminate
Meaning the bulb is burnt......
the previous owner pulled it out,
or as they are claiming there is a chance that the ecu isn't allowing it to light up, BUT ALL the other light works.

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