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The article seems good but I'm disappointed in the comments - a lot are supportive with some real world experiences, but some are the usual kind of BS - "people driving dangerously slow" etc. Nonsense, I hypermile and I'm usually being held up most of the time like everyone else.

I emailed the website about ecomodder, maybe I may hear something back. If I do I'll post more.

Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
I've seen plenty of people, going (back) to bigger displacement cars. They're going to take a hit with today's prices.
My boss has done this - Range Rover Supercharged to a Crew Cab Diesel Hilux. OK not exactly eco-friendly but it has cut his fuel costs by 75%.

We aren't insulated but the effect of each change is smaller in terms of the overall cost. That tapped there are people out in the country near us who are cutting down on travel due to higher fuel costs and our company admin / finance expert has started working from home more. Public transport is only a realistic option for those living in big cities, which in Scotland is only the Central Belt, Dundee and Aberdeen.

BBC Radio Scotland had a phone-in program about higher fuel costs the other week. You would think the studio guest would be maybe a representative of farming or rural communities but no, it was someone from the WWF. And his advice to people in the highlands and islands ? Move and/or change jobs. Hmmm. No wonder I no longer give them any of my money and no wonder me and Mrs A ended up shouting at the radio.
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