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Originally Posted by cdmclaughlin View Post
I will buy all available cams and one engine and all available computers, plus I am extememly interested in one of the cars, preferably the teal green with the bad tranny. I would buy two engines if the weight was manageable in the car and we could fit two. Or perhaps if I decide not to buy the car depending on shipping. I can send money today. Car would depend on price and I would like to see photos. Would have to make it to West Coast. Craig McLaughlin three six oh five five six six six seven two or cdmclaughlin @

I should say, I'm the metro madness guy from a couple years ago in St. Cloud, Mn who NPR did a story on and went viral. google my name: Brenton Netz to confirm. I looks like I can't post the link until I get my posts here.

It looks like the cam will be spoken for, but I do have a computer left (this is assuming those ahead of you come through.)

Teal 92 XFi: I bought this one in Sacramento approx. 3 years ago. It was a life long Nor-Cal metro (zero rust) and hasn't been driven since I parked it. At one time I had 15 XFi's in my back yard, I'm down to the 3, and getting down to to 1 or 2 keepers. Pros: The engine was completely gone through right before I bought it. An engine mount broke, the fella was pushed over the edge and bought an Echo (can't blame him) I flew in to sac with a mount in my bag, used the tire jack to lift up the 1.0L fixed and drove home to Mn. When the engine dropped an axle must have slightly damaged the 5th gear sync, hence the double clutching only in 5th. The windshield is cracked, it has a couple small dings here and there, the tires are (were) new and assume still good. It's buried in a bit of snow, and parked in St. Cloud at my ex's house, so difficult to post pics at the moment. I have boxes of metro parts, buyer would drive away as they want it for $2500 or bring a tow-bar/trailer and shovel and $1500 and take her away as is.

Blue 94 XFi: This one is parked on the side of my house here in Duluth, Mn. Last year of the XFi and nice color. Orig. from North Carolina. Car is complete, but needs a complete engine overhaul. head is toast. rings are bad and various oil leaks. All glass is good, not a speak of rust and interior is near perfect. Bring a tow-bar/trailer and shovel and $1500 and she's yours. Which ever one doesn't sell will become my back-up to my 89 XFi daily driver.

All three have seen mid-50 MPG's first hand with moderate effort. I've pulled 67MPG in another XFi lost since sold.

I also have a base 1.0L and trans. Both $300 (as pair) if interested. Yes, I've hauled at least two 1.0L's and various parts plus a canoe on top of an over-burdened metro before. Take it slow and should be no problem.

Last time I counted there's at least 5 complete XFi motors in my shed, only one extra trans which is my back up.

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