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Originally Posted by cdmclaughlin View Post
Drive away as desired in fully running, double clutching Teal XFI for $2500, plus one motor at $350 and the computer at $25. Why are the windshields always broken on these cars???? With email I can send you payment tonight for motor, computer and earnest money on the car.
When we catch each other on the phone we'll figure out the $$ and such, not worried about it. A deposit of some sort is fine, then pay the rest before you drive away. One good thing about XFi's, when gas goes high, they aren't hard to sell. I made nearly $70K summer was crazy! It might happen again, but I won't have a back yard full of metros to meet the demand.

Everyone should have a metro in my opinion

Here's the MPR link if anyone is interested.
Catch you later eh,
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