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What a shipload of rubbish.
RU sure it isn't some advertorial ?

Originally Posted by htvfd460 View Post
With in the response to: "AAA opposes all of those methods, noting that cutting off a car's engine may negatively affect power steering and power brakes;
It's known and taken care of by those who use this technique.

overinflating tires leads to uneven tire wear;
Depends on your definition of overinflation.

Going above the manufacturer's suggested inflation, which is ridiculously low, has helped to EVEN out my tyre wear and cured some vagueness around the dead ahead position.
(Yes, wheel geometry was set up according to the manufacturer's specifications.)
At the tyre's max. rated sidewall inflation it's a bit less comfortable, but absolutely bearable.

Going above the tyre manufacturer's , well, that's overinflation to me as I'm not really willing to go that way.

rolling through stop signs puts drivers at risk.
It doesn't when there is no crossing traffic.

The typical US 4-way STOP is without any doubt the most retarded way of controlling a crossing I've ever come across. It's also the most wasteful.

If these were to be removed entirely from US soil, it'd most definitely show up as reduced fuel usage.
There's no need for them, so they aren't used anywhere in Europe.
Get your politicians to remove them, the sooner the better.

tailgating trucks puts drivers at risk.
I agree to that.
You can't see much beyond a suitable truck, if at all.
When trying it out, I needed to get in way too close before getting any serious results.
Keeping pace next to a truck isn't a good idea either.

But there are ways to use the truck to shield your own car from the wind.

With electric steering, having the ignition off shuts off the computer or tells the computer that the vehicle as a whole isnt being used for roadly purposes.
The ignition isn't off, it's in II, the very same position it's in when driving.

Over inflating tires {The one thing that urks me the most out of anything automotive} leads to serious concerning problems.
I've yet to come across the first serious concerning problem with going to sidewall spec.
It has cured at least one serious concerning problem though.

Overinflating still increases tire temperature as much as underinflation.
My tyres @ max sidewall are definitely colder than they used to be.

Yes I know.
It's a habit I carry over from my motorcycling days

The tire wears unevenly and affects breaking
I haven't yet found any braking deficiency due to inflating the tyres to (near) sidewall spec.

The brakes have to work harder and burn faster and glaze up
Hypermilers try to brake as little and as lightly as possible, and that's what may glaze the pads, not braking hard.

Over and under inflation reduces that to 1/3 that wear milage.
I've replaced tyres because he shoulders were mostly gone.
That was back when they were set at placard inflation during servicing, and all too infrequently checked. As most car tyres are.

The other part is that the ride becomes stiff and can bounce on a bumpy road resulting in less controll.
Stiff suspension is OK.
But it shouldn't become bouncy, that means the tyres are really overinflated.

Or rather that the manufacturer decided to use the tyre as your suspension.
Ride a Lotus to experience stiff, efficient, but not bouncy suspension.
It's a hoot !

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