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re: spartan, ok. I'll spend a little time to try and make the lcd code boot reliably first then stitch the signal processor and lcd code together with some controlling/organizing logic.

re database, yah just a page (or even a post) with the parameters by make/model/year will be fine for starters. If by some miracle we get hundreds/thousands of data points then it might need a better tool. We are already directing the sourceforge folks this direction anyhow.

re: re-compile, it's not a big deal to modify the initial values before hitting the verify button in the ide. If you have gotten a freeduino and run blinky you know what I mean. There is no plan to distribute binaries for this project since it is easy enough to just cut and paste a program into the arduino IDE and update a couple constants at the very top of the program and then download it to your guino. It will be obvious what to change and what not to touch.

We will get to the in-process adjustment of the parameters and other quick and easy setups and a host of other nice to haves eventually.

Note: I've also been wondering how to organize this code. Libraries are sort of nice, but add some awkward steps if you only use them once. I'm thinking just one big file with everything you need for the program will be the simplest for the users to just cut and paste that into arduino, rather than fetch zip files of libraries and figure out how/where to extract them, etc. I think just big comment blocks and/or classes will suffice. And hey, it can't get too bad with only 14k to work with

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